Planning Work Groups

In January 2007, the University Planning and Budgeting Committee [UPBC] formed and charged fifteen broadly constituted ad hoc committees called Planning Work Groups [PWGs] to carry Rockhurst AY 06-07 strategic planning through Spring 2007.

Jesuit Identity Work Group
Learning Outcomes Work Group
Learning-Centered Institution Work Group
Leader Formation Work Group
Diversity Work Group
Assessment of Student Learning Work Group
Enrollment and Retention Work Group
Faculty / Staff Development Work Group
Strategic Partnerships Work Group
Finance Work Group
Advancement Work Group
RUCEC Work Group
Facilities Work Group
Technology Support Work Group
Image / Brand Work Group

Planning Work Groups consisted of faculty, staff, students, alumni, Regents, and Trustees. Each PWG focused on 1-3 Strategic Directions, and was charged to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Recommend minor edits to Strategic Direction text to enhance clarity or refine focus if necessary
  • Develop Objectives and Action Plans to support the Strategic Direction[s]. 
  • Where appropriate, identify and link on-going initiatives to Strategic Directions.
  • Where necessary, sequence actions and identify AY objectives over 3-5 years to achieve a Strategic Direction.
  • Estimate the resources necessary to accomplish Action Plans and achieve Objectives. 
  • Identify metrics to measure progress toward achievement of this / these Strategic Direction[s].

Chairs for each PWG meet every three weeks with the University Strategic Planning and Budgeting Committee to review progress, share results, and ensure coordination.

In May 2007, the UPBC prepared a first draft of Rockhurst University Strategic Plan 2007-2012. In June, the committee shared this first draft with the Board of Trustees for input and guidance. After a summer spent completing and refining portions of the document, the President presented Strategic Plan 2007-2012 to the Board of Trustees for approval in September 2007.

Action Plan Template for In-Progress Review #3 (DOC)

Template for One-Page PWG Report at In-Progress #3 (DOC)