RU's Planning Process (AY 2006-2007)

An Invitation from the President to Join in Creating a Shared Vision[Extended in Summer 2006]

There is a time in the liturgical calendar during Advent when we are asked to live in the tension between the “already” and the “not yet.” This means we are called to be people of joyful anticipation, awaiting the second coming, while currently participating in building up the kingdom of God.  We, the Rockhurst University community, find ourselves in a similar place and time: called during AY 06-07 to responsibly address immediate fiscal and education-related issues, while simultaneously envisioning the shared future we seek to create.

The pages that follow characterize a fourteen-month planning process to help us discern elements of a university strategy -- firmly grounded in our mission and core Jesuit values -- that distinguishes what we do and how we do it in ways that students, donors and others find compelling and perceive as valuable. I invite each member of the Rockhurst University community to involve herself or himself in this process. We began an essential part of our university planning process (PDF) in early August with the first in a series of twelve Town Meetings. Town Meetings are helping us [1] shape our shared vision statement; [2] identify Rockhurst University ’s strengths and necessary resources; and [3] identify what stakeholders feel should be the “defining characteristics” of Rockhurst University ’s unique and distinctive identity. These community conversations will carry forward into Planning Phases III and IV, during which broadly constituted Planning Work Groups help the University's Planning and Budgeting Committee identify strategic goals and supporting initiatives and develop the metrics and means for measuring progress toward achieving our goals. It is my hope that we present Rockhurst University’s Strategic Plan 2007-2012 to the Board of Trustees for approval in September 2007.

The process we employ to conduct university-level strategic planning in AY 06-07 invites every member of the Rockhurst community to participate and to be heard. I cannot promise that every suggestion or view will be represented in the final plan. I can promise that each of you will have chances to participate in the process and to be heard.

As people of joyful anticipation, let us join together in building up the kingdom of God through our shared ministry for Rockhurst University’s already and the yet to come. 


Rev. Thomas B. Curran, S.J.