RU's Annual Planning, Budgeting & Accountability (PBA) Cycle

Rockhurst University “Planning, Budgeting, and Accountability [PBA] Cycles” are orchestrated by the University Planning & Budgeting Committee to achieve three essential outcomes:

  1. Ensure university focus on Shared Vision and four Critical Issues: transforming lives consistent with core Jesuit values; enriching and building community; ensuring financial and infrastructure strength; and establishing Rockhurst’s identity / increasing public awareness.

  2. Rationally and efficiently allocate available resources to achieve strategic goals and objectives.

  3. Improve communication, encourage collaboration, and enable data-driven decision-making.

PBA Cycles monitor execution of the current budget while simultaneously facilitating broadly participative budget-building processes for future academic years. PBA Cycles provide department chairs and program directors with effective, responsive opportunities for celebrating achievement, accessing relevant data, recommending new initiatives and seeking additional resources. At the same time, Rockhurst’s PBA process encourages responsible stewardship of university resources by evaluating progress, gauging effectiveness, and ensuring accountability.